Auto Financing Service

Auto Financing Service

ALBI Auto Credit offers you the opportunity to get the car that meets your expectations and fits your lifestyle. With our ALBI le Géant’s financing division, get a 2nd and even a 3rd chance credit.

One of our ALBI’s strengths is our financing service. Our team of experienced professionals, always attentive to your needs, allows you to make the right decisions. At ALBI, we have a thorough knowledge of the automotive market. With several years of experience, every member of our team provides expert advice on the right financing best meeting your budget.

A simple and secure form is available to you. The form allows you to quickly apply online for financing.

Thanks to our simple approach, it only takes minutes to fill out our brief form. As soon as we receive your financing application, we will contact you and complete it.

With our team, you will get crystal-clear, simple and straightforward explanations.

Contact us now to get more information on our financing services!